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Practice Areas

Our global practice involves the firm in a broad range of counseling and litigation matters.

Civil Litigation

Aegis delivers excellence at every stage of the litigation process. We have a strong record of both successful early dispositions and major victories in fully litigated trials and commercial arbitrations. And, because of our competitive rates and lean staffing, our clients enjoy the financial freedom to vindicate their legal interests at trial if the adversary is unwilling to settle on reasonable terms. We are seasoned trial lawyers, and we are unafraid to take cases to trial.

The firm’s litigation practice is nationwide, and our generalist approach means that we have experience with a broad array of issues and industries:

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is the cornerstone of our litigation practice. We have extensive and wide-ranging experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants across the spectrum of commercial torts, statutory claims, and contractual disputes.

Trademark Litigation

Aegis has handled dozens of trademark disputes over the years, from federal court litigation alleging trademark infringement, to registration disputes, to full-blown litigation before the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board for cancellation of a trademark or denial of a registration application.

Corporate Control Disputes

Aegis has considerable experience representing owners of closely held companies who have been denied their fair share of financial remuneration, or who have been subject to a “freeze-out” from company decision-making and control. Although our goal is to try to resolve such matters without litigation, the firm has litigated a number of these matters.

Domestic & International Arbitration

Success in arbitration requires a thorough understanding of both the rules and often-unstated conventions of the arbitral body in which the case is pending. We have handled numerous disputes before the American Arbitration Association, JAMS, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, and the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, and more.

Trade Secret & Non-Compete Disputes

We regularly litigate and advise clients on issues that arise when employers and employees part ways, including disputes over theft of trade secrets, breach of non-compete and non-solicit obligations, and entitlement to stock and stock options.

Real Estate Litigation

Aegis has litigated a wide variety of real property disputes, including claims arising out of development projects, alleged easements on commercial property, trespass to business property, and commercial lease and commission disputes.

White Collar Defense

We represent companies and individuals in criminal and civil investigations of all kinds, including those conducted by U.S. Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, U.S. Attorneys’ Offices around the country, both houses of Congress, Inspectors General of federal and state agencies, FINRA, and many other federal and state regulatory bodies.

Our attorneys have been involved in some of the most high-profile investigations of the last decade, ranging from the 2017 Special Counsel Investigation to multi-billion-dollar international fraud prosecutions to cross-jurisdictional investigations into allegations of political corruption and money laundering.

We have an outstanding track record of terminating investigations quickly—before charges are ever brought—and we prioritize protecting not only our clients’ financial resources, but their personal and professional reputations as well. We strive to minimize publicity wherever possible, and in many cases, we have prevented our clients’ identities from becoming public altogether.

The firm also has uniquely deep experience handling investigations and sanctions matters before the World Bank and other multilateral development banks (MDBs) around the world. Clients have engaged Aegis for more MDB matters than any other law firm worldwide. Our lawyers have been involved in World Bank investigations and sanctions matters since the inception of its investigation and sanctions program in 1997, and have managed dozens of investigations and sanctions cases in over fifty countries; first as the principal outside counsel to the World Bank’s INT unit, and later as counsel to companies and individuals facing investigations and sanctions by the Bank.

Compliance & Internal Investigations

We have a longstanding practice counseling companies and individuals facing ethics, conflict-of-interest, and compliance issues, including those involving FCPA, Bribery Act UK, international sanctions, debarment, employee misconduct, and many more. We have assisted companies of all sizes—from Fortune 100 firms to SMEs—with compliance program design, review, and implementation. In the nineteen years since our founding, the firm has conducted over eighty internal investigations in more than fifty different countries.

Practice Highlights

Aegis attorneys have decades of experience handling internal investigations involving possible violations of the FCPA, Bribery Act UK, and Multilateral Development (“MDB”) anti-corruption standards.

Aegis has served as the designated Compliance Monitor for two global companies—one with operations throughout West Africa and the Middle East, and one with operations across Africa—and has been retained as independent outside counsel to the compliance monitor in three recent monitorships focused on China and Southeast Asia.

We advise our corporate clients on both pre- and post-transaction due diligence matters, including post-acquisition look-back reviews designed to uncover and remediate legacy corruption risks.

We regularly represent companies and corporate executives in FCPA investigations by both the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. We have also counseled clients in a variety of other corruption-related matters, ranging from U.S. congressional investigations (including those by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations) to international asset restitution cases and lender inquiries.

We help clients design and implement corporate compliance programs that are highly-tailored to the particular corporation’s needs and reflect international best practices. We have particular expertise working with companies that operate in developing and high-risk countries.

Congressional Investigations

Aegis Law Group LLP’s investigations practice and its lead partner, Paul Rauser, have represented both individuals and companies in some of the most significant congressional investigations of the last two decades, often in highly sensitive matters with a regulatory or criminal law overhang and national political implications. We have represented administration officials, elected representatives, and political operatives of both parties, and we take pride in the meticulous preparation and advice we give clients who, by virtue of their position, their affiliations, or political considerations, believe that declining to testify before Congress is not an option—even in highly partisan investigations where a single misstep can be costly.

Finally, we believe it is telling that when Committee staff find themselves at risk, they frequently engage our firm. Among other matters, we have represented Committee staff in connection with lobbyist-related misconduct allegations and have advised senior committee staffers navigating Congressional and Executive Branch leak investigations.